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Welcome to Delta Scientific

Delta Scientific is a company dedicated to the development of innovative medical and industrial products. Founded in 1981, in Mumbai, India, Delta Scientific operates with a commitment to service and quality.

Our offices are located in the heart of the Bombay Business District, specifically the medical (Princess Street) and the electrical (Lohar Chawl) markets. Being very close to Marine Drive, at the foot of the Princess Street Flyover (over bridge) a visit to our office is extremely convenient for an interested visitor.

sole distributer of caflon ear piercing equipment in india

Committment to Safety & Service

Delta Scientific has a 'safety first' policy. All products are designed for safety at all costs. This is backed by

  • Excellent customer service

    Which has been the hallmark of our relationship with our customers who are doctors of all specialties, hospitals, nursing homes besides jewelers, beauty parlors/salons.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Customer service to us, means after sales service at reasonable cost, prompt supply of consumables, and efficient guidance to potential users of our customers/dealers establishments. Our continued efforts have ensured the loyalty of our customers for the past decade and a half.

  • CAFLON family

    The CAFLON brand now beckons potential ear piercing patients/customers in over 500 towns/cities with over 2000 outlets. The need however is much larger and we invite people from unrepresented areas to join the CAFLON family and reap the rewards.

caflon ear piercing equipment


Ear Piercing Experience :

CAFLON, the inventors of the Ear Piercing Gun, are the largest manufacturers of ear piercing equipment in the world. Represented in over 60 countries including the US, Canada and Western Europe, CAFLON has been present in India since 1986. As of this year CAFLON service is also available in Bangladesh. Delta Scientific intends to reach out to Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan soon.

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