Best Electric Blankets to Keep You Warm

When it's cold outside,
snuggle up with Slumber.

The wonderful new way to make temperatures rise and heating bills fall!

Slumber incorporates imported heating elements in a modern, safe and efficient design-and conforms to British standards for electrical blankets.

Slumber's concealed insulated heaters are totally flexible and water resistant. And it has nine thermal cut-outs to prevent overheating due to misuse or accident.

The Comfort of saving

Slumber operates at one-tenth the electricity cost of a room heater. This means a saving of at least Rs.200 every month on bedroom heating.

Super-simple! Simply super!

Even your kids can use Slumber... it's so simple to operate.
A separate module is attached to the blanket by a four-meter long cord, for convenience, in case the a.c. outlet is far away. Just switch on Slumber about 20 minutes before bedtime.
And a warm, blissful bed will welcome you. Later, use Slumber as an over-blanket through the night, setting a constant temperature whether the room gets warmer or colder.

Slumber for two

Its double bed size-84" x 72" and its fine brushed teri cotton comfort makes it great for sharing. Light and easy to handle, it offers warmth without weight.

Available in attractive colours.


Voltage 220-240 volts a.c.
Power 180 watts
Temperature Continuously variable depending upon setting. Safety cut-outs preset to switch off at 60°C. Incorporates a lighted double pole switch and appropriate radio frequency suppression.
Cord Length 1 mtr. from blanket to regulator
4 mtrs. from regulator to plug.
Guarantee 1 year against manufacturing defects.
Best Electric Blankets to Keep You Warm
Laundering instructions

Disconnect the module from the blanket and then dry-clean. In case blanket gets wet, use only when completely dry.

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