THERMOBOOST provided by Thermopad made by DELTA SCIENTIFIC

Lead Acid batteries when used in automotive applications at cold temperatures experience a derating of their charging as well as storage capacity by 60% or more. Warming the battery to its ideal temperature can boost battery power back to 100%. This can improve engine starting reliability even in the coldest weather and also assure full power during the most extreme low temperatures ensuring rated power backup in the case of UPS systems.
thermoboost by delta scientific

In the case of electric vehicles, be they cars or two wheelers/scooters, warming the batteries to their minimum rated temperature ensures quick charge to the fullest i.e. 100% level in the rated time period.

In the case of normal petrol engine or diesel engines or aviation fuel engines/ turbines, leaving the batteries with battery heaters ON ensure quick and efficient START even after left outdoors under severe cold conditions. Heaters are also available for Lithium Ion Batteries.


Note that the thermostat on our heater is located inside the battery box so it controls the temperature of the battery. Battery Heaters are used in outdoor enclosures as a cost effective way to avoid having to derate the capacity of batteries in cold weather. The result is fewer batteries in a smaller cabinet and an assurance of full power during the most extreme conditions.

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